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Z-OptimiZr Client for SharePoint

The goal of Z-OptimiZr Client for SharePoint is to reduce the size of the files uploaded to your SharePoint servers via Internet Explorer.

Z-OptimiZr Client for SharePoint is a Microsoft internet Explorer add-on and includes the following file volume optimization features:

The files to upload are optimized / compressed or converted locally, at the time they are selected by the Internet Explorer user, before to be uploaded.

The users have no special actions to take to optimize or compress the files. The optional PDF conversion requires only one single click on a PDF checkbox displayed in the Internet Explorer file selection dialog.

Files being optimized locally before to be uploaded, the volume reduction benefits (faster uploads, network bandwidth savings) applies to the file uploads.

Although Z-OptimiZr Client for SharePoint is fully independent from the Z-OptimiZr server products, files having been optimized or Zip-compressed by Z-OptimiZr Client will not be optimized again by the Z-OptimiZr server products. The Z-OptimiZr server products know that an XML file has been already optimized and skip them. They skip Zip files as well.

As for the server products, the volume savings obtained on your SharePoint server storage devices propagate to your network when the files having been processed by Z-OptimiZr Client are downloaded by the SharePoint users. Smaller files not only require less storage and network resources, but are also processed faster by your SharePoint servers and downloaded faster by your SharePoint users.

Files most probably represent a very significant part (frequently more than 90%) of the data volume handled within your SharePoint infrastructure.
Reducing significantly the global amount of storage, CPU, IOs, and network bandwidth consumed by the file traffic and processing accelerates not only all of the SharePoint tasks related to the files, but more globally your entire SharePoint organization.

Z-OptimiZr Client for SharePoint is delivered into an MSI package optimized for silent deployment and compatible with all MSI deployment utilities like SMS, LanDesk and others.
Z-OptimiZr Client for SharePoint parameters can easily be centrally managed, if needed, using the Windows GPO.


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