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Technical Support


Email Support

In English and French: MK Net.Work Z-OptimiZr for SharePoint Support:

Z-OptimiZr for SharePoint Support

In German: Z-OptimiZr for SharePoint Competence Center - Germany:

Z-OptimiZr for SharePoint German Support




Phone Support

Phone support is reserved for customers having an existing maintenance and new version subscription contract or prospective customers needing assistance.

Although your phone calls are welcome, our support centers are more efficient when they receive an email containing all the information connected to your question.

Phone support is generally used for very urgent problems or problems that cannot be easily solved by email.

MK Net.Work USA - Boston

English speaking.

Office phone : +1 (781) 762-9564
Office fax : +1 (781) 255-9648

MK Net.Work Europe - Paris

French and English speaking.

Office phone : +33 (0)4 76 89 57 63
Office fax : +33 (0)4 76 89 57 73

MK Net.Work Competence Center - Germany

German and English speaking.

BIT Bücker GmbH
Office phone : +49 (211) 58 66 66-68
Office fax : +49 (211) 58 66 66-61


For non support-related questions, please see this page: Contact us.